Saint Aubin sur Mer

The start of the XXth century to the Roaring Twenties

When leaving the Château - the road then ran alongside its wrought iron gate - we walk down the main street of the village to the "Guerville" grocery shop, the church square, and then onto the Sea Road ("Rue de la mer"), with the "Hôtel des bains", and after that downhill to the sea.

  • Château and former road
    Château and former road


  • Village entrance
    Village entrance


  • Start of the main street
    Start of the main street


  • Village entrance
    Village entrance


  • The main street
    The main street


  • "Guerville" grocery shop


  • The farm
    The farm


  • Crossroads and the church
    Crossroads and the church


  • The
    The "Hôtel des bains"


  • The
    The "Rue de la mer" (Sea Road)


  • Towards the sea
    Towards the sea


Anecdotes and local life

The villas were built towards the sea

Villas on the

This villa belonged to a Paris brothel owner who sent his "lodgers" to the sea side to recover their health..

A villa

A rustic smoking hut for gentlemen

A smoking hut

Titi Verdot and his car who drove ladies and gave them driving lessons

Titi Verdot
Old postcards from private collections of Loïs Van Lée, Christine B. and Christelle Rade