Saint Aubin sur Mer

A farmer's village

coquelicots, lin et mer
A farmer's village

Saint-Aubin sur mer is equally oriented toward the sea and the soil. Land farming has always been at the heart of the village. As an example, the ancient Boissière farm was installed at the very center of the village, between the townhall and the church.

ferme boissiere
le lin

Among all other products (potatoes, beetroots, etc…), flax cultivation has a central place. Did you know that Pays de Caux alone is growing 50% of the European flax? The reason lays in the alternance of sun and rain in the country, with the right temperature range.

Don’t miss the Flax and Needle Festival taking place every year early July ! It is the only chance to discover this unique know-how and to visit “Terre de Lin”, a local flax cooperative which is also the biggest one in Europe